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Subarnalata March 06 2013

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Subarnalata is a recreation of the classic period novel of the same title written by the ace novelist Padmashree Ashapurna Devi. The show is set in the backdrop of Indian Independence.

Subarnalata is the story of a young girl who is married off at the tender age of nine against the wishes of her mother Satyabati. Subarnalata is married into a conservative Bengali family. The story is a narration of her unceasing and lonely struggle for self-identity in an orthodox household whose members do not believe in respecting the women of the house.

Satyabati lovingly calls her daughter Subarnalata as Subarno. Subarno has a wonderful bonding with her mother.
Subarno has inherited her strong personality from her mother who has the strength of character to denounce her family as a mark of protest against Subarno's marriage. Subarno has a progressive mindset which is much ahead of her time. She works towards the betterment of the household by making small but significant changes in the every day lifestyle of the family. In doing so she displeases not only her husband but also her mother-in-law Muktokeshi who is the head of the family.Â

Will Subarno be able to change her orthodox and rigid in-laws?

Will she ever emerge victorious in establishing her self identity in the family?
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