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Raaikishori - Episode 350 - March 28, 2015 - Full Episode

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Raikishori is the passionate love story of Kusum and Kishore. Kusum is an expert in making clay idols. She has inherited the talent from her father Jagadish. Kusum is the naughtiest girl of a village near Krishna nagar. Kishore is the youngest son of shrewd businessman Sudhanshu Mitra, who lives in Kolkata. Kishore is mesmerised by Kusum's beauty and talent. Whereas, Kusum is enthralled by Kishore's flute. What will happen when the destined lovers meet for the first time? How will they fall in love? Will their love get recognition? Or will Kishore and Kusum's story be that of unrequited love? How will Kusum become Raikishori? Will Kishore leave Kusum as lord Krishna left Radha for Mathura?From 10th Feb, Mon - Sat 9:30pm
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