Keya Patar Nouka


A saga of love... in search of its roots.

India and Pakistan has just been partitioned. Thousands displaced from home. In this time of turmoil in war scathed East Pakistan lived Sona and Kiran. Sona comes from an influential Hindu Chakraborty family, and is a respected doctor's son. Sona shares an inseparable bond with childhood friend Kiran, aka Fatema, a Muslim who was loved by Sona's mother and fondly renamed Kiranmala.

Despite being best of friends, the children and their mothers were separated by religious 'dos and don'ts'.

Political condition worsened. Kiran's father became an active member of the Muslim league. Sona's family was contemplating sending Sona and Rajeshwari, his mother, to India. Riots broke out. Finally, one day Kiran's mother dressed Sona and Rajeshwari in her burkhas, and sent them to India on a boat.

Sona and his mother were now in Kolkata, far from their village near Dhaka. Sona missed Kiran and their homeland and closely guarded a box full of conch shells... a parting gift from Kiran.

Will Sona and Kiran ever meet? Will Sona ever come back to his land?
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